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lncli : arguments for the Lightning Network client (lnd)

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lncli - control plane for your Lightning Network Daemon (lnd)

lncli [global options] command [command options] [arguments…]

0.4.1 commit=09c997983127bb1e575d97c69aa364a82cfb1df7

newaddress Generates a new address.
sendmany Send bitcoin on-chain to multiple addresses.
sendcoins Send bitcoin on-chain to an address
connect Connect to a remote lnd peer
disconnect Disconnect a remote lnd peer identified by public key
openchannel Open a channel to a node or an existing peer.
closechannel Close an existing channel.
closeallchannels Close all existing channels.
listpeers List all active, currently connected peers.
walletbalance Compute and display the wallet’s current balance
channelbalance Returns the sum of the total available channel balance across all open channels
getinfo Returns basic information related to the active daemon
pendingchannels Display information pertaining to pending channels
sendpayment Send a payment over lightning
payinvoice Pay an invoice over lightning
addinvoice Add a new invoice.
lookupinvoice Lookup an existing invoice by its payment hash.
listinvoices List all invoices currently stored.
listchannels List all open channels
listpayments List all outgoing payments
describegraph Describe the network graph
getchaninfo Get the state of a channel
getnodeinfo Get information on a specific node.
queryroutes Query a route to a destination.
getnetworkinfo Getnetworkinfo
debuglevel Set the debug level.
decodepayreq Decode a payment request.
listchaintxns List transactions from the wallet.
stop Stop and shutdown the daemon.
signmessage Sign a message with the node’s private key
verifymessage Verify a message signed with the signature
feereport Display the current fee policies of all active channels
updatechanpolicy Update the channel policy for all channels, or a single channel
fwdinghistory Query the history of all forwarded htlcs
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

–rpcserver value host:port of ln daemon (default: “localhost:10009”)
–lnddir value path to lnd’s base directory (default: “/var/yourname/.lnd”)
–tlscertpath value path to TLS certificate (default: “/var/yourname/.lnd/tls.cert”)
–no-macaroons disable macaroon authentication
–macaroonpath value path to macaroon file (default: “/var/yourname/.lnd/admin.macaroon”)
–macaroontimeout value anti-replay macaroon validity time in seconds (default: 60)
–macaroonip value if set, lock macaroon to specific IP address
–help, -h show help
–version, -v print the version

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